Megan Bovis


Sound & Subtle Energy Therapy with Megan

The intention for my practice is to help people gain a greater level of self-awareness and capacity to affect positive change in their lives. Each client is unique and has their own set of needs, obstacles and gifts. My role is to meet them where they are at and support them in their growth. I utilize and integrate several modalities. Biofield Tuning to restore integrity to the body’s electrical system, expanding awareness of life patterns and the way they are mirrored in the body. ThetaHealing(R) to deepen one’s perception of the Divine as an active force in their life and transform the root beliefs that keep them stuck. Flower Essences to awaken inner wisdom and encourage reflection for the journey.


  • Flower Essences

  • Reiki

  • Biofield Tuning

  • ThetaHealing(R)