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Janet DeHart

DHS Founder + Holistic Health Practitioner

Prior to opening DeHart Studios in 2015, Janet built her private practice of 11 years in San Diego and San Francisco. She was one of the first bodyworkers to bring massage and self care to technology teams in their early stages, working with AirBnB during their first growth expansion, and shortly after, Weebly, to make wellness and mindfulness a start-up company culture standard.

Janet has worked at wellness retreats and conferences in Mexico, France, California, North Dakota, and Berlin, touching hundreds of people through transformational healing sessions and group cultural exchange. She continues to collaborate with organizations and individuals who are committed to healing in themselves, their ancestry, community and this planet.

Her private practice, DeHart Bodywork, combines bodywork, massage therapy, breathwork, meditation, yoga, pilates, energy medicine, aromatherapy, and other modalities that are centering while helping shift old patterns. Read more on her personal bio here

Today, Janet’s private practice is as full as ever. In addition to her 1-1 private client sessions and mentoring the resident therapists at DeHart Studios, Janet is working on the production of her podcast interview series, Self Care Stories as well as a cohort experience, Self Care Sovereignty, set to launch in 2020.

Her mission remains true and steadfast—to empower individuals and communities with self care tools and practices that they can use to live joyously and grow continuously in confidence and vitality.


Joy DeHart

Financial Advisor + Bookkeeper

As of 2019, Joy DeHart has joined the DeHart Studios team as a financial advisor and investor, strategist, and bookkeeper. Joy comes from a background of supply chain and accounting, with a focus in project management.

Joy’s interest into the wellness world was heavily influenced by her sister, Janet, with whom she shared living space with in their early 20’s when Janet was studying holistic health and starting her bodywork practice.

Joy finds the greatest pleasure when seeing her abilities of bookkeeping and organization come together to eliminate stress and create financial fluidity, especially when comes to helping healers and companies in wellness expand what success can look like in today’s competitive market.

Joy works with DeHart Studios so that the business can stay in the “creative space” contributing to the wellbeing of others instead of expending energy on the numbers. 

Joy has continued to explore the modalities of self care, intuitive growth and therapeutic practices, and has been a close supporter and observer of DeHart Studios since it’s establishment.